What is a 'Hubb'?
We refer to our platforms as 'Hubbs' because we like to think of our platforms as a central location for everything you need when connecting with people online.

Profile Management
For each Hubb you join, you will get the option to edit your profile persona for each specific Hubb, this is optional as you can have the same profile across all the Hubbs you have joined.

Joining one or more Hubb
Socialhubbs is a platform that encourages joining more than one Hubb. If you are looking for friends and maybe something a little more, join Chathubb and Flirthubb, in each Hubb you will find likeminded people who are looking for the same connection.

Leaving a Hubb
If you are momentarily tired of receiving notifications for a particular Hubb, you can 'leave' the Hubb and always join back in the conversations whenever you are ready.

Turning off Notifications.
Socialhubbs is your central notification system for all the Hubbs that you join, if you would like to turn off notifications for a certain Hubb, you will find a red button in your hubb management giving you the option to 'leave hubb'. Join the hubb again at anytime.

Hubb Management.
Being a member of Socialhubbs gives you the power to turn off adverts in each Hubb, join new Hubbs or leave existing ones.

Start a conversation, create friendships or be lucky enough to find that special someone. Browse thousands of profiles, and see where it takes you...

Email notifications.
We would like to keep you updated even when you are not on Socialhubbs, we can keep you in the loop with your notifications every week and most importantly keep you updated with any special offers and system upgrades.

Forgot your password.
If you have forgotten your Socialhubbs password, don't worry, simply click 'forgot password' where you would usually log in and follow the prompts. Before you know it you will be back online with your Socialhubbs community.