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If you are looking for a way to begin your journey into connecting with people online, you've come to the right place. Here you will find the latest news in online dating trends, technology updates for social services and dating apps. The how to's, do's and don'ts, plus tips and tricks to help you get started on Socialhubbs.

Is online dating worth it?

This depends on many factors, including what you're seeking, your location, whether you want something serious or just looking for plain fun.

If you want to meet new people, or fancy going on a date, online dating is worth it. If you're new to the online experience and still need to give it a go, we do suggest you take the chance. Who knows, you might meet someone perfect!

Should I use a nickname or my real name instead, on any of the dating hubbs?

Using a nickname or initials can signal insecurity, so if you use a nickname or your initials, prepare to receive fewer matches. Socialhubbs highly recommends that you use your real name instead.

How do I manage my e-mail notifications?

When you receive a Like, a Message, or a new Rate on your profile, you will receive an e-mail notification to your registered e-mail address. It's easy to change your notification settings: Simply access your profile, scroll all the way down until you see E-mail Notifications. Just switch if off, and you will no longer receive e-mails from the Hubb.

How do I leave a Hubb when I've found what I was looking for?

If you are momentarily tired of receiving notifications for a particular Hubb or you've found someone you're vibing with you can leave at any time. You can rejoin the conversations whenever you are ready.

Should I meet people face-to-face

If you are looking for a closer connection, then definitely. But remember: get to know the person first. The way people interact online is not always the same face-to-face. Stay safe and always meet in public, and make your own way there and back. If it is a date, do not feel pressured to go home with them.

How secure is my online dating profile?

Be sure to keep your internet security up to date, and always use a strong password so that people can not easily access your online dating profile.

Help! I have not received my confirmation e-mail!

Not to worry, this happens from time-to-time because technical gremlins get in the way.

Most of the time it can be found in your spam, junk mail, or promotions inbox please check there first! If you still have not received the confirmation e-mail, please give our support team a shout, and we'll happily assist in getting you started!

Where can I learn how to have the best experience a online social network?

Right hereā€¦ Our Socialhubbs blog below has valuable information on ways to start your social journey.

Feel free to explore and learn the latest trends, tips and tricks. We highlight the relevant things you should do and others that you should avoid. Our aim is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We will help you find what you need.


Our Socialhubbs blog includes the latest insights, guides and steps required to connect with people clearly and safely. So if you get stuck, don't panic, everything is under control. Start at the Socialhubbs blog, and you will be buzzing in no time!


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