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Tired of paying for hookup sites?

Socialhubbs is an online adult dating site that is packed with loads of features that are totally FREE, as a free user you can meet, flirt and chat with any of the users on Socialhubbs.

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Your safety is our priority.

Every user on Socialhubbs is required to upload a picture of themselves that is clear recent and has to pass through our approval system, in order to protect you and give you the best match results. Feeling safe online is difficult and therefore we are taking every precaution to make sure you meet new people in a safe and friendly environment.

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								Stay social how ever you desire from chatting to dating and everything social in between, its right here, all in one space.

Ethnic diversity filters.

The world is filled with such beautiful ethnic diversity and therefore we allow you to choose who you would like to see online. We will serve you the results that you desire & choose as your preference.

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Finding online hookups and being discreet can be hard

We make it simple - Adulthubb is a community of people looking for the same thing - They want to meet other people who are looking for no strings attached fun. Our system of Hubbs and features encourages users to have fun & engage in the simplest, safest ways. Be playful, polite, and enjoy meeting new people with a similar mindset from all over the world. Our system will automatically connect you with the most relevant users and prompts you to interact. 

You have complete control over who you see and who you would like to interact with.

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If you need to know something or you need help, let us know, we are here to help.